Bipolar dating problems

Now, with all of this said, please be aware that even with all three rules of thumb checked off, you might not actually have bipolar disorder. Genetic models of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: Overlapping inheritance or discrete genotypes?A full medical and psychiatric evaluation conducted by a healthcare professional is needed to diagnose bipolar disorder.​Maier, W., Hofgen, B., Zobel, A. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, 255, 159–166.I had not seen this freaking out since the day I left two years prior. Sweating head to toe, couldn’t breath, didn’t want to live anymore, wanted to jump out the window to stop the madness, wanted me to leave him since he was so horrible, and on and on and on. Luckily my sister was down the hall at the hotel and I woke her at 3am to help me.

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We have major credit card debt, a big beautiful home (that costs a fortune to run), nice cars, lavish vacations, etc.

Everything is my fault, I do not make enough money (I do make a nice salary), he wants a new luxury car, he is God and everyone else is an idiot, etc.

He has built a very good company from scratch and has managed to maintain his business success.

Last October we went to a wedding and he was on fire and spiraling out of control on the way there.

After he drank heavily for two days and was a monster to be around, he finally crashed.

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